Never miss your web bookmarks
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Found amazing content on web but short on time? Save it for later on Netsips


Manage all your bookmarks on Netsips dashboard. Add tags, search, and delete. Sync with the mobile app.


Receive compilation of your bookmarks along with their crisp summaries in your email. Read them later, ad-free!


Never forget your saved content. Get notified about reading them later.

A new web browsing experience

We save a lot of content on our bookmarks bar and other random places, but hardly ever go back to them. Eventually, the content we had saved loses relevance and never gets the promised revisit.

Netsips not only organizes and makes your bookmarks easily accessible, but also, reminds you to revisit them through our email compilation

With Netsips, you will receive an email newsletter on a day of your choice containing all your saved articles over a period in HTML and PDF format. So, you can catch up with your reading offline and without any distractions .